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Friday, September 2, 2022   /   by Jake Uriegas


Are you thinking about building a new home?

If so, there are some upgrades you need to consider that'll boost the value of your home, giving you a big head start on your most valuable investment.

Here are eight upgrades that will increase the value of your new build, giving a better return on your investment than if you waited to upgrade just before selling.

Building your own home means adding in everything you want – but you want to focus on making upgrades that guarantee a return on the additional expense instead of risking a loss later on.

While this can vary depending on the area and price range, in general, focus on upgrades in these 8 areas:

1 - The Kitchen - Focus on counter space and cabinets to maximize workspace and storage. Consider adding an island to increase seating and counter space.

Also, think about aesthetics - countertops, stainless steel appliances, and nice flooring will add a satisfying finish to your kitchen.

2 - Extra Interior Space - If you can afford to make your house larger than planned or add more

storage space, do it!

An extra bedroom or bathroom could significantly impact your resale value.

3 - Open-Concept Floor Plans - An open floor plan that maximizes the space in a home has been

popular for a while, and we don't see that changing anytime soon.

4 - Bathrooms - Adding, a little extra to your bathroom budget, will result in timeless spaces which

sell themselves.

Think deep tub, large walk-in shower, and appealing countertops.

5 - Go Green - Upgrades that are eco-friendly or energy efficient, such as added insulation or

better windows, are also great additions to your home, making for an attractive selling point later on.

6 - Floors - Swap out laminates for hardwood floors or install porcelain tiles instead of ceramic.

Don't skimp here - floors that need replacing can sink a sale.

7 - Smart Home Technology - The next generation of buyers are tech-savvy millennials.

Smart homes are huge right now, and while these upgrades can sometimes be pricy, they'll typically pay themselves off in a couple of years.

8 - Improved Outdoor Space - With many people working from home now, outdoor living is a hot commodity.

Work with a landscape company to map out how to make the most of your new space while maintaining your budget.

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